Auto Body Collision Repair

Cars are designed more safely today than ever before. Corporate Customz collision repair services carefully and expertly rebuild crash design into your car. Your car’s performance (how it steers, handles, operates) and appearance will be restored to pre-accident condition. Call us for additional details and free estimate

Scratch Repair and Paint Touch-Up

If your paint is compromised, moisture is getting into your bodywork and rust is forming. Paint touch-up can be effective on paint chips, nicks, scratches, rust spots and bumper scuffs. Corporate Customz technicians are able to expertly match the paint color of your vehicle by using a computerized system and a specific color code located on your vehicle to protect your investment from rust and further environmental damage.


Lease Return Repair – Avoiding Unnecessary Lease Return Repair Charges

Did you know that you could be charged for wear and tear to your vehicle once your lease is up?

You could incur additional fees for auto damage such as door dings, key scratches, bumper scrapes, damaged alloy wheels, and minor interior damage. Let Corporate Customz repair those dents, dings, and scratches for you!


Interior Repair

Corporate Customz experienced interior repair technicians can repair and restore damaged vinyl, leather, velour, and plastic materials for far less than replacement cost.  Choosing interior repair allows you to save hundreds, and a typical repair is completed in less than an hour. Call us for additional details and free estimate


Headlight Restoration

Headlight repair is not just an aesthetic issue it is a safety issue. The average plastic headlight costs around $250+ to replace (not including installation costs).  Some lenses can cost in excess of $350 – $1200 each. In just under 30 minutes, our expert technicians can repair/restore your headlamps to their factory condition. This is a simple, affordable solution for improving not only the overall look and value of your car, but your visibility in the car, and the visibility of your car to other drivers. Corporate Customz also offers a headlight refurbishing, which includes a UV coating to extend the life of your headlight clarity. Do not be fooled by cheap buff products.